Derek Benjamin Music



  • Remove all plugins, automation and aux/efx tracks unless specific effects are required. If effects are left on, please include a note with the track name and reason
  • Consolidate each individual file before bouncing at the same starting point, preferably on a grid measure that lines up with the correct tempo
  • Name/label each track in a simple manner that easily describes the instrument or sound
  • Vocal files should be mono audio files, while instruments could be either mono or stereo depending on the intention. If there is specific panning required, include it in the name of each track (ex: Backup Vocal Left)
  • Remove any muted or blank tracks from your export selection
  • Please do not use normalizing when exporting, make sure that all of your audio tracks are not clipping at any point in the song
  • Please include reference mixes, or referencing material
  • If you have difficulties with the exporting process, We can take the session file and complete the export process for you for an additional charge
  • Export audio files in WAV or AAC in the same sample rate/bit depth as the session


  • Bypass or remove all compression, EQ, limiting or any other plugins on your master fader
  • Make sure the master channel has at least -3db of headroom at the loudest part of the song
  • Export a stereo audio file in WAV format in the same sample rate/bit depth as your session. See above for finding this information in your DAW
  • Name/Label each file as follows “Track Number. Artist – Song Name – BPM”
  • ex. “1. Derek Benjamin – My Song – 99BPM”


  • Create a unique folder for each song, where you can place the individual stems
  • For projects create a parent folder to include all the track folders
  • Zip or RAR the parent folder and upload to Google Drive, Wetransfer or a service of your choice. Please do not use dropbox, as any files larger than 2gb cannot be downloaded without an active subscription