Derek Benjamin Music


6Sigma"Light It Up"Producer, Engineer, CowriterHip-Hop, Electronic
6Sigma6Sigma EPProducer, CowriterHip-Hop, Electronic
6Sigma, Rup Monsta, Saint Kris"Stay Strong & Carry On"Producer, EngineerHip-Hop
A-FixVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Abel DawitVarious SinglesMixing EngineerR&B
Ace BurpeeVarious Singles & ProjectsProducer, Engineer, Mixing & MasteringVarious
Ace Burpee, Jordan DavidWinnipeg Jets Playoff Anthem 2018Producer, Engineer, Mixing & MasteringHip-Hop, Parody
Ace Burpee, Sierra Noble, HoosliWinnipeg Jets Playoff Anthem 2019Producer, Engineer, Mixing & MasteringRock, Parody
Ace Burpee, Swing AdamWinnipeg Jets Playoff Anthem 2015Producer, Engineer, Mixing & MasteringHip-Hop, Parody
Amanda Cannon"Saddle" SingleEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerCountry
Andre Jeanson"Sign Me Up" Single (2022)Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Andrew SannieUnreleased EP (2021/2022)Engineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Andrina TurenneLive RecordingEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerFolk, Francophone
Anthony OKSLive PerformanceMix & MasterHip-Hop
Apollo SunsLive Recording at Park TheaterMixing & Mastering EngineerIndie
Ari IQSeratonin LPMastering EngineerHip-Hop
ArticatVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerR&B
Baba BrinkmanRap Guide To ConciousnessVocal editing & CorrectionHip-Hop, Educational
Babble'OnVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Bangem PorterVarious Unreleased WorksEngineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Ben NotesVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop, Pop
Ben TamanaFirst Time Love (album)Engineer, Mixing EngineerR&B, Pop
Ben Tamana Ft. Qway-C, Leone Star"First Time Lover"Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop, R&B
Billionaire BUnreleased SingleProducer, EngineerHip-Hop
Bob Fishman"Inside My Interlake"Producer, Engineer, Backup VocalsParody
BriVarious SinglesProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerPop
Cam Scott"Romans/Snowmare" AudiobookEngineer, Editor, Mastering EngineerAudiobook
Cancer BatsUnreleased LP (2021)EngineerHeavy Rock
Casimir Gruwel"Rocks" SingleProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerFolk, Indie
Casimir GruwelUnreleased LPProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerFolk, Indie
Casimir Gruwel"Winter" SingleProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerFolk, Indie
Cassandra Angheluta"SSR" SingleMixing EngineerIndie Pop
Cassie DasilvaUnreleased AlbumProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerFolk
Catarina Arbour"If I See You Again" and EPProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerPop, Indie
Chad Celaire"Bee 2Gether Bikes" Jingle, Various worksEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerVarious
Charles GillenVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Charlie FettahVarious Unreleased WorksEngineerHip-Hop
Charlie Fettah, Bubblz"Moody Manitoba" EPEngineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Chris BennettVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Christina Thorne"Intertwined" SingleProducer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerFolk, Pop
CishaVarious Singles & EPMixing & Mastering EngineerR&B
Colin Smith/ARP Books"Permanent Carnival Time" AudiobookEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerAudiobook
Comeback KidHeavy Steps LP (2021)EngineerHeavy Rock
Derek Benjamin MusicVarious WorksProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerVarious
Derek Benjamin MusicBenny Hill Theme RemixProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerElectronic
D'NailoVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
DAGSloppy Seconds (EP), Unreleased worksProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Daniel Emerson/Rebel Named Riel"Terrified" SingleProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerIndie, Folk
Die CuteDROK (album)Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
DresoVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Elsa KakaCycles (single)Mastering EngineerPop
Eric St. GodardJazz AlbumEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerJazz
Eric Taylor"Dreams In Colour" AlbumProducer, EngineerRock, Indie
EZ CliqueEP, various singlesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop, R&B
EzomanUnreleased EPMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
FellerVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
FHANGVarious SinglesEditorIndie
Forevr BrwnVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Fresh I.E."White Flag" (Official Remix)ProducerHip-Hop
G-BeholdaVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Garion LefterukVarious Singles, Upcoming albumProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerPop, Indie
Giants Of The RiverUnreleased EPProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerRock
Glenn AudyTwo EP's and SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerIndie, Rock, Pop
Hammy JVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
HAVSVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerR&B
Hoosli Ukranian ChoirRecording for Ace Burpee SingleEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerChoir
IllaVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Isaac Pumphrey/ North Gold Ent. (Label)Various Singles for Roster of artistsMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
J-CrissUnreleased Album & Various SinglesProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop, Pop
J.T.P.Various SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
JayRedVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Joey StylezVarious RecordingEngineerHip-Hop
John Concepcion"All For You"Engineer, Mixing EngineerR&B
John LequizamoVoice Over for Papa JohnsEngineerFilm
Jordan DavidUnreleased EPProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Jordan David"I Go Hard" "Let Me Prove It" "Rap It Up"Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Jordan David, Catarina Arbour"If I See You Again"Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Josh BecktaVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
JR Charron"Impressions" EP, Upcoming AlbumProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerCountry
Jump The Clutch"A Day Worth Livin' For"Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerCountry
Kai Kahana"Down" SingleMixing & Mastering EngineerElectronic, Pop
Karren MalikVarious RecordingEngineer, Mixing EngineerR&B
Kenny MurkzUnreleased Album & Various SinglesEngineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Khan VikshynVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Kidd FosterVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
KP/Poetry In MotionBreaking Point, Motion Sickness (albums)Engineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Kyprios"Better Miracle"Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
LatuneziMedusa RemixEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerReggaeton
Life Of KaiVarious SinglesVocal Editing & ProductionElectronic, Pop
Lil NabieVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
LiMMVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Lost Planet AirmenVarious Singles & LPA (album)Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerPunk
V.Tosha"Where Do We Belong"Producer, Engineer, CowriterIndie, Pop
Machina IIVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Mack Tha Knife"Kaiju" SingleMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
MaddmonRevolutionary Status EPMasteringElectronic
Malcolm JayThe Enemy Within (Album)Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Manik & KaponeRide EPProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
MarcoThatsAllVarious Unreleased WorksProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Maro MayikoVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerR&B
Matt Redd (Viisi)Various SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Matt WillBetter Forever (Mixtape)Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Max WindsVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Mic NorthVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Michelle Serrano"Love Me"Producer, Engineer, CowriterR&B
Moka Only6Sigma "The High Life" (Unreleased)Producer, Engineer, CowriterHip-Hop
MuzoEP & Various Unreleased WorksEngineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Muzo"The One For You"Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
MyazweThings I Never Said (Album)Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
NappyVarious Singles & EPEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Nathan ZayacVarious SinglesProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop, R&B
YSN NellyVarious SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Netflix"ONI"Engineer (ADR)Film
OboiseVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
ParagonVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Peter Takis, RawgFreedom EPEngineer, Mixing EngineerElectronic, Hip-Hop
Philadelphia Folk FestivalLive Recording (0:00-18:25)Engineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerFolk
Pockstar Blu"Waiting For You" SingleMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Poetic JusticeAlbumMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Preston TangheAlbum & Various SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerR&B, Indie
Price & Takis"Hands" & "Villains"Editer, Mixing EngineerElectronic
Qway-CVarious Unreleased WorksEngineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop, R&B
RawgThe Coldest Winter (mixtape)Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
Reshaun PrinceUnreleased Album & Various SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Ronnie Ladobruk & The ElectricMary Jane (single), Unreleased EP (2022)Mixing EngineerRock
Sebastian GaskinVarious Singles, EP, Upcoming albumProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop, R&B
SheaPerrierMixing EngineerHip-Hop
Sir LouieVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
SkyeVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop, Pop
Skylar BouchardTired Of The City (EP)Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerFolk, Indie
Spinning Gold Neil Bogart Biopic"Spinning Gold" Neil Bogart BiopicEngineer (ADR)Film
Stanton Rempel"Mexico" SingleMixing & Mastering EngineerElectronic, Pop
STMBLZ (Ruiz)The B.P.M. 2 (album)Producer, Mixing EngineerHip-Hop
STMBLZ (Ruiz)"Another Bottle" Ft.6SigmaProducer, Engineer, CowriterHip-Hop
StunnaVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
Tantoo CardinalVoice Over for NetflixEngineerFilm
Taylor Cash Davies"Temporaryism" LP, Various SinglesProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerAlternative, Rock
Tek ProVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
TeoshaVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerR&B, Pop
The 2nd BeatTurn Up The Radio (single)Producer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerPop
The Boom BoomsLove Is Overdue (album) (WCMA Nom)Vocal editing & CorrectionIndie, Pop
The Boom BoomsA Million Miles (album)Vocal editing & CorrectionIndie, Pop
The Lytics2021 (Single)Engineer, Mix & MasterHip-Hop
The Village IdiotsVarious Live Streamed & Recorded EventsLive Sound Engineer & Mixing EngineerVarious
The Village IdiotsLive at the roslynLive Sound Engineer & Mixing EngineerVarious
Travis-TVarious SinglesMastering EngineerHip-Hop
Tre NyceVarious Unreleased WorksEngineer, ProducerHip-Hop
Tre Nyce, Rup Monsta"Rozay & Dat Cleco" (Official Remix)ProducerHip-Hop
TriskitWhatever Forever EPMixing EngineerHip-Hop
Twhy SawatskiVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
VelletaUnreleased EPProducer, Engineer, Mixing EngineerR&B, Pop
VinsintAlbum & Various SinglesMixing & Mastering EngineerR&B
White RhinoVarious SinglesEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
William PrinceLive RecordingEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerFolk
WongelEPEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerR&B
YK The MayorVarious Singles & AlbumEngineer, Mixing & Mastering EngineerHip-Hop
You"J.A.M" SingleMixing & Mastering EngineerIndie, Pop
YSN FabAll Singles & AlbumsMixing Engineer, Masterng EngineerHip-Hop
Yung Tory"2020" SingleEngineerHip-Hop
Yung LeoLive mixes for two singlesMixing & Mastering EngineerPop, Indie
Zing"Cry At Your Name"ProducerHip-Hop